From Money Muddiness to Financial Clarity with a Money Calendar

I’ve been in this particular creaky money place too. I was there for years:

You’re sick and tired of the muddy, anxious feelings you have about your personal finances. Tired of feeling resistance around finances.

You’re not really sure where all the money goes each month. You know there’s a better way to handle your money.

You know that your income should be affording you lasting savings, getting rid of debt, maybe even investing in something cool, but somehow it never happens.

But progress is possible, when we take time to implement new ways of doing things with our money:

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What this Workshop Includes

Getting good with money is not just for very uptight planner-y type people*! We are doing the money work in this 90 minute session. Contents include:

  • An overview of different kinds of expenses and how to structure the areas of your everyday finances so you have organized clarity each time you’re making a financial choice.
  • Get clear on cutting expenses that no longer serve you, so you can save more and finally make progress towards your longterm financial goals.
  • Yep, you’re literally going to be combing through your financial statements to build up your expenses lists, and spending areas based on your real numbers. These are the base for creating your unique money calendar. Using one allows you to increase your capacity to actually follow through when make plans for how you will spend your money. We’re going to do it together! It’s going to be OK!
  • Building out your June Money Calendar so you’re ready to take what you learn in the workshop and use it right away.

You will walk away with clarity and knowledge of your regular financial commitments, and a fool-proof template to use each month as you decide how to spend your money.

*Kudos to you if you are excellent at planning your life. I admire you.

The Nuts and Bolts

  • When?
    • You can choose between:
    • Wednesday 2nd June – 9am PT / 12pm ET or
    • Sunday 6th June – 10:30am PT / 1:30pm ET
  • How long is the workshop?
    • 90 minutes total – last 15 is a Q&A session
  • Where?
    • On Zoom (camera off is A-OK, if best for you)
  • What to bring with you?
    • Printed statements from all personal bank and credit card accounts for past 3 months
    • Highlighters or colored pencils
    • Post-it notes, or scrap paper
    • A big notebook or a blank spreadsheet all ready to go

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This Workshop is FOR YOU if:

  • you know you need to build some money management skills and get good at the basics.
  • you aren’t making progress in your financial life, despite decent – if variable – income.
  • you have tried to budget in the past – maybe using YNAB or the 50/30/20% rule – but gave up because it didn’t work for you, or was just too complicated.

This Workshop is NOT FOR YOU if:

  • you are looking for ways to make more money. This workshop moves you towards keeping more of what you make, and using it intentionally according to your values.
  • you are looking for a quick fix to your messy money situation ( your mess is 100% welcome, but you have to show up willing to change how you do things and put the work in to get better with money)
  • you know you already have lots of other priorities in your life that will take precedence over taking more time for your finances.

A Note about Pricing

I have set the fee at $25 because I know the concrete value using a Money Calendar brings to your life. And how it’s going to help you feel so much more in control of your finances.

FINANCIAL SUPPORT: However, I don’t want anyone to miss this workshop due to lack of funds. If $25 is a hardship for you, email me to request a trade or gift ticket for it.

PAY IT FORWARD: If you would like to support someone else’s attendance at the workshop by paying a higher fee or purchasing an extra ticket, email me about that too.

Purchase a Ticket for June Money Calendar Workshop


Pay now

Who am I, your friendly facilitator?

eowyn levene money coach and personal finance educator for self employed creatives artists and healers

I am Eowyn, personal finance educator and coach for self-employed creatives, artists, helpers, and healers.

In other words, people who want to make friends with money and build financial stability in their lives, but who may have been ignoring a lot of the conventional advice out there because it feels gross and doesn’t fit their lives.


  • Do you offer refunds?
    • Any request up to 5 days before the workshop begins will be honored.
  • Will the workshop be recorded?
    • Yes, I will send out a recording afterwards. However, this is an implementation workshop and showing up live is important, if the subject matter is right for you.
  • Is this workshop for my personal or business finances?
    • Everything we go through can be applied to both. We’ll focus on personal finances for the workshop itself.
  • I hate the word budget, and the whole concept. Is this a useful workshop for me anyway?
    • Absolutely! You will benefit from knowing your numbers whether or not you use them in a formal budgeting setting.
  • I have a question you don’t address here. Now what? Please email Eowyn at