Embrace the Mess

Today I’m sharing a guest interview I did on KJ Nasrul’s Stories of Astonishing Light Podcast. Learn more about my self-care practices, my own financial journey including navigating the financial catastrophe of the pandemic, and 3 essential beliefs to move past in your relationship with money.

Budgeting – How to Succeed with Irregular Income

How can we even handle budgeting amounts of money we can’t predict? What if you don’t bring in enough money one month to cover your bills?
These questions inevitably come up when we think about budgeting. And irregular income may have been the reason we quit trying to use a budget in the past. So, today I’m sharing with you my tried and tested budgeting method that allows you to succeed with variable income.

Facing your Money Monsters with Psychotherapist and Musician KJ Nasrul

Today, KJ and I jump into the deep end together, talking about the consciousness and presence required to change longtime patterns of avoidance around money. What does it take to stay present with yourself, your emotions, and to face your money monsters? Because facing those fears, resistances, and avoidances is 100% necessary to changing how you handle your money. And those moments of presence and honesty are essential to building financial stability.