Creatives Do Money Trailer

creatives do money podcast coming soon listen to trailer
Creatives Do Money
Creatives Do Money
Creatives Do Money Trailer

Welcome to the Creatives Do Money Podcast! This trailer is a brief introduction to who this podcast is for, a little about me, and what to expect.

I’m your host Eowyn Levene, longtime self employed massage therapist, money mentor and watermelon enthusiast living and working in New York City. And I believe that the whole world benefits when creative solopreneurs live their lives from a place of stability and intention, rather than chaos and struggle, especially when it comes to money.

If you are looking to build financial stability on variable income, and to move past hustling anxiously for the next dollar, then you’ve come to the right place.  I speak out of the wisdom and hard won knowledge that comes from moving through – and most importantly past –  10s of thousands of credit card debt, exhausting savings efforts that went nowhere, and a hopelessness around money.  

And I come to you today as a money mentor to folks just like you.  In my work, I teach moving past limiting thoughts. I teach effective money systems that are specifically crafted for the creative solopreneur life.  And I show you my step by step approach to achieving your unique money goals.

creatives do money podcast trailer

Creatives Do Money is made up of three kinds of episodes.  There’s interviews and conversations – about 45 minutes to an hour – with your peers and colleagues, where creative small business owners share their money stories and wisdom.  You also have shorter solo episodes with me, exploring everyday money management and all that goes with that.  Then the third kind of episode will be conversations and interviews with folks who teach some aspect of financial management and growth. 

Some of the upcoming episodes include interviews with a career coach whose work is imbued with integrity and her personal values, and a massage therapist who paid off $25k in student loans in just 6 months, as well as my introduction to my core approach in working with the negative money thoughts that get in the way of our financial progress.  

So, all of that said, I hope you’ll subscribe and listen in each week.  I look forward to diving in to so much money goodness with you, and achieving financial stability and freedom together.

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