Social Media Strategist Marina Girgis talks Travel and Saving for Big Dreams

creatives do money episode 7 with marina girgis dreaming big traveling widely saving pennies
Creatives Do Money
Creatives Do Money
Social Media Strategist Marina Girgis talks Travel and Saving for Big Dreams

Creatives Do Money Podcast Episode #7

Welcome to Creatives Do Money!  Each week we explore the topics of everyday money management, solo business ownership, and how we are fueling our creative futures.  I’m your host, Eowyn Levene, money mentor, massage therapist, and watermelon enthusiast.  And I’m on a mission to help you build the lasting financial stability that frees you up to do your work without hustling anxiously for the next dollar.  

This week on the Creatives Do Money Podcast

Guest: Marina Girgis

My guest today is Marina Girgis of Livin’ Vivaciously.  She is an Egyptian born and NYC based brand designer, social media strategist, and traveler. Marina has been traveling the world solo for the past 5 years.

Her travels have inspired her to start Livin’ Vivaciously; a platform for women of color business owners, content creators and the travel-and-freedom-obsessed women to help them make more money on social media through her personal branding and brand strategy services, so that they can travel more and live more vivaciously!

Marina’s ultimate goal is helping women overcome their limiting beliefs, face their fears, and live more freely despite gender and cultural norms. 

Today we dove into how COVID has dramatically shifted her work and life as a whole, her very first time making her own money, some really important instagram advice, some exciting steps she’s been taking with her finances lately, and more. 

“I was born in Egypt, and I was raised in Kuwait. And in both of those countries, working at a young age is not a thing unlike in the US. So when I moved to the to the US at the age of 19, a whole new world opened up. I was like, Wait a second! I am a woman, but I can also work. And this is incredible! I can make my own money. And if I can make my own money, I have more freedom to do whatever I want in life. And this is something that was never an option for me in the past.”

Marina Girgis


In today’s episode, Marina and I explore the following questions:

  • Her crucial awakening around money when she and her family moved to the USA
  • First tastes of the freedom that comes with self-funded travel
  • Learning to plan financially for travel and other things, waking up to larger money questions
  • Getting started with investing and what it means to her
  • Becoming really serious about her business, with big future dreams in mind
  • We bond over a love of nature and agriculture
  • How she’s growing and restructuring her branding and strategy business
  • Her Canva products and thoughts on increasing passive income
  • Showing up on Instagram with integrity, in a way that supports your business
  • Building a personal brand authentically
  • Her experience of genuine connections made on Instagram

In this episode

Experiencing working and having her own money for the first time (01:56)
  • The revelation of being able to have her own money, and the freedom that goes with that
  • Her first taste of travel on her own dime
  • The importance of solo travel to her
Beginning to focus on personal finance and saving (09:01)
  • What she’s starting with
  • What drives her focus on personal finance
  • How she’s getting started with investing for her retirement
Getting serious in her business once COVID-19 hit NYC (12:14)
  • Her shift in priorities. What she no longer spends money on.
  • The BIG dreams fueling her work
  • The country she adores traveling in
  • How she’s strategizing in her business and working with her business coach
  • Developing her coaching program
  • Looking at creating more products for her shop
Marina delivers the TIPS on Instagram work and strategy (23:31)
  • How making genuine connections is the biggest gift of social media, if you do it right
  • Boosting engagement on Instagram in a genuine way
  • How to schedule Instagram posts in advance without feeling fake and wooden
  • Keeping your business goals in mind when you plan content
  • The important and genuine relationships she’s built on Instagram

“But to me, I want to continue to do the thing that I love, which was design and being creative, but I don’t want to be working at a restaurant and then do that at night and then get exhausted and never practice my art, or practice my creativity. So my solution was that I monetize my art and monetize my creativity”

Marina Girgis
How many creatives and folks in the arts reject money and business (37:03)
  • The negative reactions she got when she used her creativity to make money online
  • Her favorite tool at the moment
  • The importance of working with her money coach
  • How she figures out what she can save towards different goals in a month
  • Her BIG money goal

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