Profit First with Ean Price Murphy of Moxie Bookkeeping

Creatives Do Money podcast episode 20 with Ean Price Murphy | Profit First money management for self-employed creatives
Creatives Do Money
Creatives Do Money
Profit First with Ean Price Murphy of Moxie Bookkeeping

This week on the Creatives Do Money Podcast, Episode #30

Ean Price Murphy is a bookkeeping business owner, coach, and consultant.  And her company is a Profit First Certified Master Firm.  If you’re wondering what in the heck profit first is, keep listening.  In short though, it’s a way of handling your business income in order to make sure you’re actually earning a good living from your business or freelance work.  And if you’re not there yet, this is a really impactful way of working your way towards that good living in the most effective way.  

” It is time for radically kind people to get comfortable with power and money”

Ean Price Murphy on Creatives Do Money Podcast, Episode 30

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Ean’s wild journey as a self-employed business owner in her 20s
  • The impact of ignoring her business finances at the beginning of her self-employment journey
  • How she almost lost her business, but managed to pull in the essential help that made the difference
  • Learning to really value her work, and to charge accordingly.
What exactly is Profit First and how does it work for a creative freelancer?
  • The common personal finance tool that Profit First is modeled from
  • Ean walks us through the 5 key accounts necessary to use the Profit First system
  • How to adapt Profit First for highly variable income
  • The ways that Profit First forces you to get creative and smart with your business expenses

“Fill your owners pay cup when you have income and sip from it when you have need”

Ean Price Murphy on Creatives Do Money Podcast, Episode 29
Ean weighs in on my money management system in my massage practice
  • The areas that I’m overcomplicating things
  • How I could start paying myself a regular ‘salary’ instead of different amounts each week
  • The unique blueprint we have to each find for our own businesses
  • Making sure to allocate and plan your spending accurately and prepare for the future

“Simplicity is important.  That’s how we make habits stick.  That’s how we reduce overwhelm.”

Ean Price Murphy on Creatives Do Money Podcast, Episode 29

And we finish with Ean highlighting how using Profit First fits with ‘normal’ business bookkeeping of maintaining a Profit and Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, and so on. And Ean shares why this work is so important to her, and the impact it truly has on the world at large.

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