Put Your Money where Your Happy is with Sarah Von Bargen of Yes and Yes

Creatives Do Money Podcast - Episode 28 - Put Your Money Where Your Happy Is with Sarah Von Bargen
Creatives Do Money
Creatives Do Money
Put Your Money where Your Happy is with Sarah Von Bargen of Yes and Yes

This week on the Creatives Do Money Podcast, Episode #28

My guest today Sarah is a coach, writer, and educator who teaches people how to spend their money, time, and energy on purpose.  

And together, we look at what does our everyday spending mean for the rest of our life?  How can we align our spending with our happiness and be better off for it, financially and otherwise? We also touch on the areas that Sarah is challenged with money at the moment. And we bond over being reluctant spenders! 

How much did your regrettable purchases total in the past year?  In this episode, we get into the nitty gritty of changing your finances by aligning your spending with your happiness. 

Sarah Von Bargen has been teaching on this topic for over 10 years and knows all the tips and tricks which she shares with us.

” Building the self-advocacy muscle by calling T Mobile {to negotiate down your bill}, it will literally serve you in other parts of your life.”

Sarah Von Bargen on Creatives Do Money Podcast, Episode 28

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Sarah’s Fascinating History with Money
  • What exactly her friends thought about her financial situation that was so incredibly wrong
  • The moment when she realized she had something special to share and to teach others about how they spend their money and pursue happiness in their lives
  • Her unique family dynamic that gave her an important start for her work with money
Her approach to teaching people to align spending with their happiness or their joy
  • Her essential disclaimer that this work is for folks with some discretionary income, not those struggling to keep the lights on.
  • The trademark Highlighter Exercise that’s critical to getting better at spending our money on purpose.
  • A key, impactful step that comes AFTER the Highlighter Exercise.
How does Sarah’s approach to spending and money look in our businesses
  • Use why you buy.
  • Always see if there’s a free or cheaper option, especially for subscriptions.
  • Make sure you engage with all the possible uses of a service.

“Money and spending should be one tool in a fully diversified toolkit of ways that we make ourselves feel better and ways that we practice self care”

Sarah Von Bargen on Creatives Do Money Podcast, Episode 28
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