Managing Your Money: Ways to make it Easy and Sustainable

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Creatives Do Money
Creatives Do Money
Managing Your Money: Ways to make it Easy and Sustainable

Today’s episode is for you:

  • If you want to change/improve how you handle your money, 
  • If you want handling your finances to feel easier,
  • If you tend to avoid more rigorous money management like budgeting, or reviewing your business expenses monthly or quarterly.

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This week on the Creatives Do Money Podcast, Episode #27

I get into the practicalities of making things sustainable, we take a look at good habit formation practices, and lastly touch on the mindset piece, which is always there in the background of anything we’re trying to change or do in the world.

  • Practical Tips on building motivation and enthusiasm for yourself
  • The Key Elements to creating strong and sustaining money habits for yourself
  • How to generate real momentum in your financial life by actually doing the things you know you want to do for yourself

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