Key Lessons from 14 year of Thriving Small Business Ownership with Katie Craig

Episode 26 - Katie Craig - Key Lessons from 14 years of successful small biz ownership
Creatives Do Money
Creatives Do Money
Key Lessons from 14 year of Thriving Small Business Ownership with Katie Craig

This week on the Creatives Do Money Podcast, Episode #26

Katie Craig is the owner of Momentum Coaching, and teaches easy to implement strategies for growth for holistic businesses.  She fuses together the expertise of both a marketing brain and a coaching brain. And she is dedicated to helping small business owners find their daily momentum in both business growth and personal balance through the Daily Momentum Business Collective.

Today’s episode is filled with so many nuggets of wisdom gleaned by my guest over the course of 14 years running two different, but connected businesses.  We get into the impact of finally facing her business finances, how she works on mindset in different parts of her work, her struggles with visibility and valuing her voice, and reaching for abundance, among other good things. 

” When you are connected to the value that you’re providing, you can then create the energetic connection between your money, the service you’re providing, the clients you’re bringing in and how you’re serving them.  It’s this beautiful circuit that happens when you feel good about what you’re providing and how you’re serving.  And you can see the connection that it makes for your clients, when you’re serving the need that they have.”

Katie Craig on Creatives Do Money Podcast, Episode 26

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The Challenge of Starting your Business Really Young
  • The impact of ignoring her business finances at the beginning of her self-employment
  • How she almost lost her business, but managed to pull in the essential help that made the difference
Key Lessons Learned from her years in Business
  • Some of the mindset work she had to do as she developed new products and programs
  • The one activity that really calls for the most rigorous mindset work
  • How she grounds herself in the value that she offers others
  • Her insight into entrepreneurial brain
  • What’s the most essential message in marketing
  • The kind of practice that can greatly increase your ease around sales

” How do I need to expand to make the income I would like to make and serve that many more people?”

Katie Craig on Creatives Do Money Podcast, Episode 26
Abundance thinking, and Katie’s journey with visibility
  • Reaching for abundance so that you have enough
  • And knowing what enough is for you
  • Her struggles with visibility and trusting her voice
  • What she tells herself when she’s terrified to show up for things
  • The power of looking at your numbers while imagining they are someone else’s numbers

” There’s no play, no imagination, no creativity in your business numbers.  It’s one of the things that can make it so hard to work with them.”

Katie Craig on Creatives Do Money Podcast, Episode 26
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