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Creatives Do Money
Embrace the Mess

This week on the Creatives Do Money Podcast, Episode #25

I shared a conversation I had on my friend KJ Nasrul’s podcast Stories of Astonishing Light. KJ was a guest on this show a little while back on episode 20 and our two conversations felt highly related and linked, so she agreed to allow me to share this half of our podcasty connection with you today. Thank you KJ!

In the episode, I some of my personal money story, including about starting Plum Tree Money. And we really get into the heart of what it means to do money work, to hold space for ourselves, and make change in our lives from a place of acceptance.  

I talk about my struggle to follow through with my intentions (for myself), about my impatience with my path in life and feeling like things should be moving or changing more quickly than they do.  And how I help myself with that.

And we talk radical acceptance, and other self-care practices that help keep me connected to myself and stay centered.

I hope you enjoy the episode as much as I enjoyed speaking with KJ. 

” We can have our head in the sand in all kinds of intricate and wonderful ways when it comes to ignoring our finances”

Eowyn Levene on Stories of Astonishing Light with KJ Nasrul

Have a question about getting better with money when you’re self-employed? Email Eowyn your question in text or audio form: hello@plumtreemoney.com and she’ll answer it in a future episode.

Today’s conversation explores compassionate ways we can shift our relationship with the “charged and tender” topic of money.  

Takeaways for Embracing the Mess: 

  1. Radical Acceptance means surrendering to Now. 
  2. The emotion and struggle in our relationship with money is REAL due to our primal associations and base, human needs (safety, health, acceptance). 
  3. Money management can be a neutral tool that grants us freedom to support people and causes that are meaningful. 
  4. Day to day money awareness is the key to building new habits and creating long term stability.
  5. We touch on three belief patterns that creatives hold about money today 1.) Money is the root of all evil 2. Money is unsexy  3) Income is more important than managing what we already have. 
  6. Stories are just stories. We can revisit, revise, and we can retell. 
  7. Presence and accountability are two of the most courageous and compassionate actions we can take. 
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