22: Modern Freelancing with Musician and Arts Administrator Eric Umble

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Creatives Do Money
Creatives Do Money
22: Modern Freelancing with Musician and Arts Administrator Eric Umble

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This week on the Creatives Do Money Podcast, Episode #22

Eric is a freelance musician, DJ, and arts administrator, as well as kindred spreadsheet enthusiast. 

Based in Brooklyn, Eric has an active career as a clarinetist in the new music scene in New York City. He’s also the Development & Engagement manager for The Knights Orchestral collective (you might remember a reference to the group from episode 9 as the group that my spouse Michael also works with.  They’re amazing!)

We get into his transition from full-time freelancing to a mix of freelancing and employment, and what led him to make the change. We also touch on the challenges of student loan debt, and his epic quest to win an apartment lease through the NYC affordable housing lottery, and much more. 

” I realized that a lot of people about a generation older than me, that had survived in New York City as artists, and were doing pretty well, had a deal. Somehow, they had found a deal on their housing.”

Eric Umble on Creatives Do Money Podcast, Episode 22

Episode Summary

Figuring out your modern career path when you’re a self-employed artist, musician, or creative is a challenge. How do you figure out paying for decent housing while piecing together multiple (gorgeous fun inspiring) gigs? Will you ever be able to pay off the student loans that facilitated your expertise?

Today, Eric’s sharing the path he’s taking as he navigates a multi-talented musician‘s life in New York City, full of wise nuggets, and a love of his art and the creative world that lives in this metropolis.

How Eric combines freelancing as a clarinetist with Arts Administration (01:34)
  • How income variability loomed large in life
  • The pivotal moment that changed everything for him
  • Choosing between different student loan repayment programs
  • The role that credit cards played for him, and how he resolved that debt
Some of Eric’s wisdom on finances (21:56)
  • How talking about money with each other can change our lives for the better
  • The financial institution that has made all the difference for him
  • The spreadsheet that keeps him grounded and focused on what’s important
  • How his approach to money has changed through working in arts administration

On the NYC Housing Lottery +…” there are opportunities out there, and that they do exist. And this program does work. And people do get through the program and have an opportunity to stay in in the city and live sustainably.”

Eric Umble on Creatives Do Money Podcast, Episode 22
The prohibitive cost of living in NYC as a freelancer (33:22)
  • How Eric realized that he was going to have to solve his housing situation if he wanted to stay in NYC
  • Persisting through so much bureacracy and administration, to win his affordable apartment lease
  • The burden of administration that could prevent those who need the housing lottery the most from actually benefiting
Giving Back, and Future Plans (41:52)
  • How giving back to his community has been an important way of paying forward his luck with the housing lottery.
  • ❤️ Eric will gladly help anyone trying to apply for housing via the NYC affordable housing lottery. Get in touch with him using the links below.
  • What Eric’s financial goals look like now (hint: it involves amusement parks)
Connect further with Eric, including to ask for support around affordable housing in NYC

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