Facing your Money Monsters with Psychotherapist and Musician KJ Nasrul

facing your money monsters with psychotherapist and musician kj nasrul | creatives do money podcast with eowyn levene
Creatives Do Money
Facing your Money Monsters with Psychotherapist and Musician KJ Nasrul

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This week on the Creatives Do Money Podcast

KJ Nasrul and I jump into the deep end together, talking about the consciousness and presence required to change longtime patterns of avoidance around money. What does it take to stay present with yourself, your emotions, and to face your money monsters? Because facing those fears, resistances, and avoidances is 100% necessary to changing how you handle your money. And those moments of presence and honesty are essential to building financial stability.

Kimberly “KJ” Nasrul is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, musician, and a writer/collector of stories. She is also a Psychological First Aid Responder with extensive experience providing mental health support to families impacted by disasters, both natural and man-made.  KJ is also the host of the podcast Stories of Astonishing Light.

Creatives Do Money Podcast Episode #20

Welcome to Creatives Do Money!  Each week we explore the topics of everyday money management, solo business ownership, and how we are fueling our creative futures.  I’m your host, Eowyn Levene, money coach, massage therapist, and watermelon enthusiast.  And I’m on a mission to help you build the lasting financial stability that frees you up to do your work without hustling anxiously for the next dollar.  

On working with a money coach…. “reaching out and speaking with someone who very much so specifically works around handling money, when money isn’t your thing.  That was really, really important to me””

KJ Nasrul on Creatives Do Money Podcast, Episode 20

Episode Summary

Have you found yourself weeping in front of a spreadsheet, or logging in to your bank accounts only when absolutely forced?  This might be an especially good episode for you <3

My brilliant guest today KJ Nasrul brings all her honesty and vulnerability about money to the table.

Embracing major financial change (02:25)
  • The tragedy that spurred big questions about her life and career in early 2020
  • How the prospect of income irregularity changed her priorities
  • What money avoidance looks like for KJ (hint: receipts are involved)
How working a money coach changed everything for her (06:46)
  • Finding the support of a money coach who spoke her language as a creative and ‘non-money person’
  • How working with a money coach made all the difference, someone to hold neutral, non-judgmental space, and teach her new tools around money.  
  • It’s OK to not have all the answers with money

“For anyone who’s also in that avoidant place {with money} and in that… maybe stuck or scared or just paralyzed place, to be gentle with it. Be gentle.  Acknowledge that there does not have to be any more shaming or judgment attached to it from yourself on top of everything else that’s there.”

KJ Nasrul on Creatives Do Money Podcast, Episode 20
The psychology of money work, AKA facing your money monsters (12:19)
  • Patterns of avoidance and copying that we develop around hard, unspoken areas of our lives
  • The wisdom of the body, and how it can guide us
  • How avoiding speaking about the topic of money enables dysfunction around managing it
  • The somatic practices that free you up, and help you stay present
The most important step when you’re wondering how to get better with money (47:42)
  • KJ’s #1 advice for self-employed creatives who want to make changes in how they handle their finances.
  • How to not make avoidance worse with your own thoughts about yourself
  • The most important strategy for making lasting change with money management
Connect further with psychotherapist, artist, and teacher KJ Nasrul

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