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Creatives Do Money
Creatives Do Money
It Starts with This

Creatives Do Money Episode #2 

Welcome to Creatives Do Money!  Each week we explore the topics of everyday money management, solo business ownership, and how we are fueling our creative futures.  I’m your host, Eowyn Levene, money mentor, massage therapist, and watermelon enthusiast.  And I’m on a mission to help you build the lasting financial stability that frees you up to do your work without hustling anxiously for the next dollar.  

This week on the Creatives Do Money Podcast

I wanted to lay some groundwork today, for my approach to working on money, myself and with clients.  So I’m defining some terms and walking you through a mini-guide to the foundation for shifting your negative money thoughts.  Why shift them? Because negative money thoughts get in the way of taking the action that helps you build long-term financial stability. 

no particular financial state makes you good or bad, or has any bearing on your inherent value and worth as a human being” – Eowyn Levene

In this episode

My definitions (02:25)

  • What it means to do Money Work 
  • What it looks like when your money is a mess (a judgement free expression)
  • All the side notes:  why i used the jargon ‘solopreneur,’ 
  • A crucial acknowledgement of the most impactful part of your finances.

Mini-guide to The Model (07:32)

  • How this approach transforms your ability to make change in your life
  • The five part structure that gives clarity to your stuck places
  • How to use The Model to shift negative money thoughts that block financial progress

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Resources / Links

Brooke Castillo and The Life Coach School for more on The Model
More support around shifting negative money thoughts:  The Ladder (includes free printable)

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On the Creatives Do Money podcast, we talk a lot about money, but I am not a financial advisor or expert, and am not offering financial advice.  I share from my own personal experience, and that of my clients and community.  All content shared on this podcast is provided for entertainment, education, and information purposes only, and the podcast is intended as a self-help tool.  

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