Savings 101 for the Self-Employed Creative

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Creatives Do Money
Creatives Do Money
Savings 101 for the Self-Employed Creative

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This week on the Creatives Do Money Podcast, Episode #10

Welcome to Creatives Do Money!  Each week we explore the topics of everyday money management, solo business ownership, and how we are fueling our creative futures.  I’m your host, Eowyn Levene, money mentor, massage therapist, and watermelon enthusiast.  And I’m on a mission to help you build the lasting financial stability that frees you up to do your work without hustling anxiously for the next dollar.  

This is the first of a 3 Part Series tackling some essential money management questions: Savings, Debt Payoff, and Retirement Investing for the Self-Employed Creative.

Today we’re starting with Savings 101: how to get started, the three crucial kinds of savings to put in place for yourself if you want to build financial stability.

“{Savings is} about independence. It’s about stability, it’s being able to predict your financial life despite having variable income, and for me, reducing anxiety.”

Eowyn Levene, Creatives Do Money Podcast, Episode 10

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In this episode

The Why, the What, the How of Savings 101 for Creatives (04:38)

  • Why save
  • Saving vs Investing

The Right Approach to Saving Money on Variable Income (07:55)

  • Pay yourself first
  • Why automation is not your friend when it comes to savings if you’re a self-employed creative with variable income
  • Use a budget for the best growth
  • A strong savings system is the best way to stay out of debt forever more

As of 2016 46% of Americans wouldn’t be able to come up with $400 should they need to in case of emergency

Eowyn Levene, Creatives Do Money Podcast, Episode 10

Three Pillars of Savings (10:33)

Planning your Emergency Fund (15:22)

  • How much to save in your emergency fund, and how do you get started?
  • And how much should you plan to put in your emergency savings?

How to Maintain Motivation over your Savings and Financial Journey (17:11)

  • Break big goals down into smaller
  • Celebrate all wins
  • Actually feel the abundance you’ve created rather than looking at how far you have to go
  • Use visual trackers for getting out of debt and for saving money
  • Create a financial freedom community for yourself and join ours <3

How to Free up Money to put towards Savings (21:20)

  • Pay off high interest debt
  • Cut spending Impactful areas to look at include entertainment, food, personal care, and education
  • Other ideas on building up savings

Tips and ideas to Supercharge your Savings Journey (24:39)

  • Start really small, and make it steady
  • Don’t compare yourself to others on your financial journey
  • Use windfalls to get ahead on your savings
  • Don’t wait for all high interest debt to be gone before starting to save
  • Reduce spending temptation and use an ‘I’d like to buy’ list
  • Use the 24 hour rule for non-essential spending that’s outside your budget
  • Keep your savings out of sight at multiple different institutions or cash notes
  • Challenge yourself to put any money you’ve decided NOT to spend into savings immediately


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