How I Built Plum Tree Money: October 2020

How I built plum tree money october 2020 | money coaching and personal finance for self-employed creatives

This blog series is all about my experience starting and growing Plum Tree Money.  Follow along as I make mistakes, learn a lot, share how I do things, and help self-employed creatives build financial stability and freedom.  

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Major Life and Business wins for October 2020:

  • Creatives Do Money podcast is ticking along!
  • Completed my October Savings Challenge in full. $496 put aside for the winter holidays. And just in time, I ordered our lived-it’s-live-outside-eating-bugs-n-stuff turkey just yesterday from an upstate farm.

Goals + Intentions for October 2020 were:

  • Create a strong system and structure for publishing Creatives Do Money podcast
  • Balancing massage work and PTM work and staying healthy and happy
  • 100 people on my email list
  • Regular content going out on Instagram / FB
  • 2 Blog posts up
  • 1 general newsletter sent out
  • 2 summary newsletters out for Plum Tree Community
  • Plum Tree Community has 40 active members
  • Client work complete, clients delighted and surprised

Skills Im working on:

  • Moving past limiting thoughts and beliefs with Thought Work
  • Letting go of perfectionism.
  • Not getting high on approval and positive feedback.  My job is to continue moving forward with creating value for my people: creative solopreneurs who want to learn to master their money and build the financial stability that fuels their creative future.  

What I got done in October 2020:

Where I was in the weeds:

  • Maintaining my momentum with Plum Tree Money while returning three days a week to my massage practice.
  • Anxiety and overwhelm from world events plus always feeling like I’ve done nothing thanks to toxic productivity culture!
  • Struggling to use my Thought Work tools to keep my mindset right

Current biggest challenge:

  • Juggling priorities.
  • Getting to the important rather than urgent tasks
  • Creating good podcasting systems


Income (dollars in the bank, not invoices sent)

Total: $714.80


Total: $2,974.39

A note about these really high expenses this month. I don’t regret a penny. And I pulled about $1400 out of sinking funds to help pay for the photoshoot. For the rest, I cash-flowed all expenses with income from Plum Tree Money and my massage practice.


On the horizon: November 2020

  • Write a lot of Standard Operating Procedures as I do podcast work, to prepare for assistance in the future and get myself organized
  • Twice weekly Money Co-Working and Q&A events in the Plum Tree Community 💜
  • Regular content going out on Instagram / FB
  • Regular networking work each week, emails, social media connection, word of mouth
  • Client work complete, clients delighted and surprised

And that’s a wrap for this month!

Nothing tickles me more than a creative solopreneur reaching their goals! What’s been one major win for you in your business in October 2020?