How I Built Plum Tree Money: July 2020

small business journey | money mentoring for creative solopreneurs

This blog series is all about my experience starting and growing Plum Tree Money.  Follow along as I make mistakes, learn a lot, educate others, and help self-employed creatives build financial stability and freedom.  

Here are previous posts in this series:  June 2020 | May 2020

Major life and Business wins for July 2020:

  • Two confirmed creative solopreneur guests for the new podcast!
  • Saved a total of $1,036.84 (28% of my net income)

Goals + Intentions for July 2020 were:

  • Start creating the Plum Tree Money Podcast
  • Homepage on website ready with lead magnet sign up
  • Content plan and calendar set
  • 4 Blog posts up
  • Regular social media posting started
  • Plum Tree Community has 20 active members
  • Client work complete, free and paid

Skills Im working on:

  • Moving past limiting thoughts and beliefs with Thought Work
  • Letting go of work in the late afternoon, and accepting that I will do more the next day.
  • Jumping off the deep end with speaking about what I do and know, rather than writing about it.  I’ve started by included weekly Instagram Plan-with-me Live budgeting sessions
  • Learning to be A-OK with just being myself, not trying too hard to polish and change to please others. 
  • Not getting high on approval and positive feedback.  My job is to continue moving forward with creating value for my people: creative solopreneurs who want to learn to master their money and build the financial stability that fuels their creative future.  

What I got done in July 2020:

  • Wrote and published 6 blog posts  
  • Created some welcome articles for the Plum Tree Community, including the key Progress Log tool
  • Write my step-by-step guide to a Zero-based Budget pillar blog post
  • Welcomed 8 wonderful creative solopreneurs into the Plum Tree Community for a total of 13!
  • Putting in the WERK for Jaclyn Mellone and Farnoosh Torabi fantastic live course: Pays To Podcast
  • Read the whole of Donald Miller’s StoryBrand book (such good stuff)
  • Signed up two more wonderful clients for Money Coaching.

Where I was in the weeds:

  • Getting my coaching and home pages up on my website.  I got side tracked and didn’t complete this goal.  Almost there though!
  • Writing continues to take so much more time than I think it should (am I wrong??)
  • Maintaining my work focus during a lot of wonderful summer time with family.
  • I have lots to learn to make the most of the Mighty Networks platform (that’s my referral link).
  • Not staying on top of my top level organization.  I use a version of GTD and sometimes slacked on my review and planning part of the process.  I would get an uneasy feeling and need to get back to it.  

Current biggest challenge:

Trying to do ALL THE THINGS at once and feeling frustrated because it feels like no progress is being made.  


Income (dollars in the bank, not invoices sent)

  • One-on-one Budget Coaching $210
  • Bookkeeping $220

Total: $430


Total: $511


On the horizon: August 2020

  • The TBD named Plum Tree Podcast is launched
  • 100 people on my email list
  • Regular content going out on Instagram / FB
  • 2 Blog posts up
  • 1 general newsletter sent out
  • 2 summary newsletters out for Plum Tree Community
  • Plum Tree Community has 40 active members
  • Client work complete, clients delighted and surprised

And that’s a wrap for this month!

Nothing tickles me more than a creative solopreneur reaching their goals!

Tell me in the comments, what’s one major win for you in your business in July 2020?