How I Built Plum Tree Money: December 2020

how I built plum tree money december 2020

I’m pausing this blog series for now, to free up more time and energy to create more things directly related to helping you get better with money ❤️ I plan to return to it at some point, because we all need to feel less alone in managing our businesses.

This blog series is all about my experience starting and growing Plum Tree Money.  Follow along as I make mistakes, learn a lot, share how I do things, and help self-employed creatives build financial stability and freedom.  

Here are previous posts in this series: November 2020 | October 2020 | September 2020 | August 2020 | July 2020 | June 2020 | May 2020

Major Life and Business wins for December 2020:

  • Used one-on-one and group coworking to stay focused and productive as possible
  • I’ve been showing up for the twice weekly Money Co-Working and Q&A events in the Plum Tree Community 💜.
  • Put the full maximum allowed $6,000 contribution in my Roth IRA after selling $1500 random investments I had, and pulling the rest from savings.

Goals + Intentions for December 2020 were:

  • Create a strong system and structure for publishing Creatives Do Money podcast
  • Make it through the month without losing my mind
  • Client work complete, clients delighted and surprised

Skills Im working on:

  • Moving past limiting thoughts and beliefs with Thought Work
  • Letting go of perfectionism.
  • Staying focused and positive when things feel a bit stuck with Plum Tree Money

What I got done in December 2020:

Where I was in the weeds:

  • Trying to stay positive as business and life slows down while COVID-19 surges again
  • Struggling with chronic insomnia, anxiety, and depressive bouts
  • Feeling unsure of the direction of Plum Tree Money and how best to serve

Current biggest challenge:

  • Juggling priorities.
  • Getting to the important rather than urgent tasks
  • Staying positive and using the skills I already have to do so


Income (dollars in the bank, not invoices sent)

Total: $339.25


Total: $114.79


On the horizon: January 2020

  • Product at least 4 podcast episodes
  • Twice weekly Money Co-Working and Q&A events in the Plum Tree Community 💜
  • Regular networking work each week, emails, social media connection, word of mouth
  • Client work complete, clients delighted and surprised

And that’s a wrap for this month!

Nothing tickles me more than a self-employed creative reaching their goals! What’s been one major win for you in your business in December 2020?

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