From Money Fuzziness to Money Clarity – A June 2021 Workshop


In April 2021, 62% of my available personal cash spending was dedicated to my long-term goals.

And by ‘spending’ I mean any version of exchanging money for something. 

Whether it be:

  • Money in exchange for goods/services, 
  • Money in exchange for the insurance and preparation of savings, 
  • Money in exchange for the future freedom of debt payoff or
  • Money in exchange for the future support of retirement investing

The cash was a combination of:

  • 💰Owner Draw from earned revenue in both my businesses
  • 💰Paying myself out of my 2nd Draw PPP funds ( SO grateful )
  • 💰Pulling $1200 from longterm savings because I’m itchy to make mucho student loan payments

And the spending?

  • 💸The savings was a combination of different sinking funds I’m working on filling, along with my personal emergency fund
  • 💸The IRA contributions was Roth IRA contributions at Vanguard, bringing my 2021 total to $1490 (out of max possible contributions of $6,000 for the year)
  • 💸The student loan payments are part of my push to pay off as much of the principal as possible before the interest resumes in the fall. I still have just over $29k in student loans, and every bit makes a difference.  

How do I maintain steady progress towards my big financial goals?

Each time I sit down and plan my spending / budget, I have these big goals top of mind.  

And I know how exactly much money I have to put towards saving/student loans/retirement because I know what to expect in terms of expenses.  

Every time I budget, I look at my money calendar and put money aside for upcoming needs, and then move the rest to one of those three areas. 

I’m able to go through this process quickly and easily because I know my numbers, because I have clarity, and a system I run through.  

I’m teaching how to create that clarity and create a system like this in my upcoming June implementation workshop:

From Financial Fuzziness to Money Clarity: Create Your Money Calendar.

This workshop walks folks through the exact process needed to make greater progress towards long-term goals, and just feel much less anxiety around money.

This workshop is for you if you:

  • know you need to build some money management skills and get good at the basics
  • aren’t making progress in your financial life, despite decent – if variable – income. Lasting savings, and staying out of credit card debt feel impossible
  • have tried to budget in the past – maybe using YNAB or the 50/30/20% rule – but gave up because it didn’t work for you, or was just too complicated.

If you’re interested in attending, it’s happening twice, on June 2nd and June 6th. You can sign up here.