Eowyn Levene | Money Mentor for Self-Employed Creatives
Photo Credit: Damaly Shepherd

Imagine if you were friends with money.

Good friends.

Imagine if money were a constant supportive presence that was a foundation in your liife

And NOT a huge energy drain of anxiety and stress

It’s possible, I promise

I’m not someone with a past in corporate finance. I’m not an accountant.

I share and support from my lived experience as a business owner who used to be many tens of thousands in credit card debt.

From a place of experience, learning the hard way, and getting really good with money step by step over the years.

I’ve built up my own thriving massage practice over the course of 8+ years.

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“My time with Eowyn led me to 2 big things. I learned that no matter what my financial predicament is, that I create my own comfort level. Money doesn’t create comfort for me; I DO. She taught me how to do that.She also showed me that things are better that I imagine. She brought me out of the depths of financial despair and showed me how great things are.”

Fawn Anderson, Photographer and Podcaster, on the impact of her Money Power Up session

Imagine working with someone understanding, knowledgable, and no nonsense as you sort through your history with money, your hopes around money, and really build strong financial systems for yourself.

That’s coaching.

Receive support and guidance as you decide how to increase your savings, how to finally pay off debt, how to not feel deprived and resentful when finally start using a budget (it’s actually freeing and expansive!).

Coaching isn’t just about new information, tools, or approaches. It’s about having someone to show up for, someone to hold you accountable, and help you choose the most effective next steps for yourself.

You save yourself time, heartache, self-sabotage,and you jumpstart this stage of your personal finance journey.

“I had the pleasure of being coached by Eowyn for a few months, and boy, did I need some help on this topic. I am a spender, and although I had put some money aside, it felt like my savings were only getting smaller and smaller. 

I loved working with Eowyn.  I would recommend working with her to anyone who feels they need some help in the area of Money!”

Madeleine Royere-Koonings, Business and Social Media Coach, on her time in my 3 month Coaching Program

I offer one-on-one money coaching with self-employed creatives, including wellness professionals.

We work together over the course of three months, allowing you to get clear on your money and life goals, build systems to support those, and troubleshoot what’s preventing you from taking the steps that lead you to financial stability.

At the end of our time together, you’ll have the confidence and experience you need to move forward on your own towards financial freedom.

I work using The Model, somatic practices, and a unique version of zero-based budgeting tailored for the self-employed life of variable income.

The fee for this three month program is $800. Payment plans available at no extra cost. Details below.

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your financial state does not equal your worth

Goal of our work together 

During this 3 month coaching program, we’ll work to help you decide on and  implement money systems that support your vision for your life, and troubleshoot  any issues that come up while doing that. 

Support Throughout 

  • My custom made templates for goal setting, money planning, and more
  • Unlimited email support within work hours of 9am – 6pm. I aim to always respond within 24-48 hours and it’s often sooner than that
  • {free} Membership in ​Plum Tree Community​, if you wish. It’s also there for you after we work together.

First Month 

  • Clarify and expand on your life vision and financial goals
  • Talk through the exact numbers your vision and goals imply
  • Walk through my trusted method for helping you manage your money on variable inconsistent income
  • Introduce you to my tried and true budgeting system
  • Follow up with homework, gathering your numbers to prepare for learning to use the budgeting system

Second Month

  • We review how things have been going and troubleshoot
  • We celebrate your money wins!
  • We’ll ​create your budget template​, customized to your particular details and life
  • We’ll check in with how it’s been going planning your money, doing your money work, and ​using your budget
  • We’ll explore supportive techniques and approaches to work through any problems that are coming up

Third Month

  • We celebrate your money wins!
  • We check in with how it’s been going planning your money and using your budget
  • I introduce you to my ​monthly review processes​ to help you stay connected to your progress and goals
  • We troubleshoot any challenges and mindset struggles that are coming up
  • We’ll ​set intentions​ for your money work moving into the future