Building Plum Tree Money: May 2020

How I built plum tree money may 2020

This blog series is all about how I grow Plum Tree Money.  Follow along as I make mistakes, learn a lot, educate others, and help creatives build financial stability and freedom.

The idea for Plum Tree Money came to me at the very end of April, here in NYC with SARS-CoV-2 raging, so this is my first ever How I Built Plum Tree Money post 🙂  

Goals + Intentions for May 2020

  • Get clear on who I want to help and how
  • Connect with ideal customers and learn from them
  • Start working with coaching clients for free to explore and improve offerings

Skills I’m working on

  • Moving past limiting thoughts and beliefs with Thought Work
  • Organizing my day according to energy (I do my best creative work between 9am and 12:30pm)
  • Keeping my projects and ideas organized (learning a version of GTD with Evernote and my bullet journal)
  • Writing (SO. HARD.)
  • Learning to be A-OK with just being myself, not trying too hard to polish and change to please others

What I got done

Where I was in the weeds

  • Writing was my bugaboo, taking too much time, and very disorganized.  
  • Sleep.  I have been so excited about PTM that I get flooded with ideas in the middle of the night instead of zzzzzz’s
  • Prioritizing.  I want to do it all NOW.
  • Working through some ‘fraudy feelings’

Current biggest challenge

  • My small, but growing! network
  • Feeling reluctant to invest more money in this tiny seedling company

Income for May 2020 (dollars in the bank, not invoices sent)

  • $0

Expenses for May 2020

  • Graphic design  $6
  • Marketing education $44
  • Networking $26
    • Total: $76

On the Horizon: June 2020

  • Branding complete (colors and fonts chosen)
  • Website ready for posts
  • Lead magnet finished and pdf designed
  • 3 Blog posts up (especially pillar post about Zero-Based Budget)
  • Plum Tree Community is a welcoming starter spot ( 3 posts and 4 weeks of prompts ready to go)
  • Client work, free and paid