Building Plum Tree Money: June 2020

how I built this | plum tree money helping creative solopreneurs master their money

This blog series is all about my experience starting and growing Plum Tree Money.  Follow along as I make mistakes, learn a lot, educate others, and help creatives build financial stability and freedom.  

Here are previous posts in this series:  May 2020

Big News: I’m launching a podcast!!! Stay tuned 🙂

Goals + Intentions for June 2020 were:

  • Start building engaged email list with lead magnet
  • Get basic, functional website up and running
  • Develop welcome process for new members of PTC and reach 6 members in the community
  • Create an email welcome series for new email subscribers

Skills Im (still) working on:

  • Moving past limiting thoughts and beliefs with Thought Work
  • Organizing my day according to energy (I do my best creative work between 9am and 12:30pm)
  • Writing (SO. HARD.)
  • Learning to be A-OK with just being myself, not trying too hard to polish and change to please others.  
  • Not getting high on approval and positive feedback.  My job is to continue moving forward with creating value for my people: creative solopreneurs who want to learn to master their money.  

What I got done in June 2020:

  • Got my website up and running, where you are reading this!!
  • Lead magnet complete!  Three Simple Steps to Improve Your Finances Even When Your Money is a Mess is liiiiiiiiive! 
  • Explored work with freelance designers (with mixed results thanks to cheaping it. ha!)
  • Created a three email series to welcome those that receive the lead magnet, and provide further free value
  • Created a three email series for new Plum Tree Community members to help them with a strong start in the community
  • Completed my custom set of budgeting spreadsheets (for those I can’t convince to switch to pen and paper)
  • Completed the expense tracker templates that go with the Three Simple Steps Guide
  • Completed my weekly Plum Plan Budget template (with leaves ? ❤️ )
  • Created some welcome articles for the Plum Tree Community, including the key Progress Log tool
  • Write my step-by-step guide to a Zero-based Budget blog post
  • Welcome 5 people into the Plum Tree Community
  • Decided to start the Plum Tree Money podcast!!
  • Signed up for Jaclyn Mellone and Farnoosh Torabi‘s live course: Pays To Podcast

Where I was in the weeds:

  • Writing was my bugaboo, taking too much time, and very disorganized.  It’s improving, but this is still true.
  • Sleep. This time because of fireworks all night every night in NYC.  
  • Not staying on top of my top level organization.  I use a version of GTD and sometimes slacked on my review and planning part of the process.  I would get an uneasy feeling and need to get back to it.  

Current biggest challenge:

My small network of true colleagues (not just random folks I know through a Facebook group)


Income (dollars in the bank, not invoices sent)



  • Graphic design  $6
  • Internet Expenses $504  
    • Mighty Networks Yearly Membership, GoDaddy Yearly Web Costs, Yearly Domain Expense
  • Marketing $41
    • Mailchimp + Class about Building e-Communities via Tad Hargrave
  • Networking $44
  • Education $697
    • Podcasting Course + Huge Course Bundle
  • Virtual Assistant (Christi is awesome) $72

Total: $1,364

Phew! There were some big expenses in June 2020.  I was scared to spend the money, but I know 100% it’s all worth it.  The biggest investments were the podcasting course, the community membership, and website hosting.  They’re all important and necessary to the work I’m doing.  I trust that if I keep moving forward, focus on service, and listen to feedback, I will earn back the money spent 10x <3


On the horizon: July 2020

  • Start creating the Plum Tree Money Podcast
  • Homepage on website ready with lead magnet sign up
  • Content plan and calendar set
  • 4 Blog posts up
  • Regular social media posting started
  • Plum Tree Community has 20 active members
  • Client work complete, free and paid