How I Hit My Financial Rock Bottom and Thrived

When I hit my financial rock bottom, I had some serious money and small business experience under my belt.  Here’s the story of how I thrived afterwards by mastering Personal Money Management. I was a longtime bookkeeper and knew to track all my business income, reciting monthly the exhausting litany of Venmo, PayPal Credit Cards, Cash, Checks, and – fuck,…

Building Plum Tree Money: May 2020

This blog series is all about how I grow Plum Tree Money.  Follow along as I make mistakes, learn a lot, educate others, and help creatives build financial stability and freedom. The idea for Plum Tree Money came to me at the very end of April, here in NYC with SARS-CoV-2 raging, so this is my first ever How I…

Three simple steps to improve your finances even when your money is a mess

Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of improving your personal and business finances? Not sure how to budget when you have variable income and things are uncertain? You are in the right place! And I’m so glad you found Plum Tree Money. Eowyn