Plum Tree Money is a place for self-employed creatives to come and learn every day money management mastery, a community of self-employed artists, creatives, and healers who want to transform their finances.

If you have struggled for years to get out of debt and save on irregular business income, you have come to the right place.


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…what’s that name again?  It’s pronounced ‘AY-oh-win.‘  The first syllable is emphasized and rhymes with ‘say.’ The name Eowyn was created by J.R.R. Tolkein for The Lord of the Rings trilogy.  And yes, given to her at birth 🙂

About Eowyn

Eowyn has a passion for sharing the joy of budgeting and money management with others – yes, really! – and enthusing about the power of all things personal and business finance.

Eowyn is a longtime massage therapist, the spouse of a classical musician, and the daughter of performing artists and entrepreneurs.

Self-employed artists, creatives, and healers are her people, and it’s the best job in the world to help them create financial stability and freedom.

When not geeking out about money, she enjoys running, knitting, long hikes, watermelon, and perfectly scrambled eggs.  She lives in Hamilton Heights, Manhattan with her talented husband and two cats, Olive and Pinky.  

On a summer evening, you can find her wandering down by Hudson river and nibbling on June berries the birds left behind.

One day, she’ll put that biodynamic horticulture training to good use and grow a plum tree on her small-holding.

Money Power Up Coaching Client, Feb 2021
My Money Manifesto
  1. Money is neutral and its influence in the world is determined by human values
  2. While money is neutral, the systems it moves through are not.  We have work to do!
  3. More money in self-employed creatives’ hands means more good in the world.
  4. Humans are a part of the natural world and her cycles.
  5. We all do better when we all do better.
  6. Reach out your hand and help others as you rise in the world.
  7. Our daily thoughts, words, and actions matter and have great power.
  8. You create your reality with your thoughts, no matter your circumstances.
  9. Be true to your word, and yourself. 
  10. Money work is self-care.
  11. Small daily, weekly, and monthly steps will transform your finances.
  12. Income is less important to financial success than you think.
  13. Doing hard things and making change requires awareness, acceptance, and letting go of perfectionism.